No need to operate the aircraft in-house, which saves crews, spares and, where relevant, AOC overhead.

Wet Lease offers low barriers to entry, compared to dry lease operations, i.e. no outlay for OEM parts, Part 145 maintenance service approval or flight operations expenses.


Wet Lease capacity can be controlled with greater flexibility than in-sourced capacity

Wet lease allows operators to rapidly respond to ever-changing market demands and trends.


Wet Lease allows unconstrained procurement of the exact right capacity to fit the need.

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ASSL's niche is its invaluable customer-centric service. The client gains a brand, livery and flight number in the fastest way possible, and the comfort that behind-the-scenes competencies are provided by an expert operator. Simultaneously knowledge is being transferred from ASSL, so that the client carrier can build its own skills and, in time, bring an outsourced solution in-house.

ACMI / Wet Lease benefits to the client.


  • To augment existing markets
  • To provide service in seasonal markets
  • To provide capacity at short term notice
  • To provide capacity with a specific (often niche) fleet type
  • To provide capacity before the airline gains its own AOC
  • To provide capacity when it is constrained from doing so itself
  • Services can be offered on a trial basis



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